Ecotourism in Iberá Marshes

Welcome to the
Ibera Marshes

Placed in the middle of Corrientes, the estuaries of the Iberá are  the wetland and most important water reservoir of Argentina; it is also a Paradise for lovers of the nature and photographers.

The name comes from  “Y vera”  that means bright waters, name given by the guaraníes that inhabitated this land. Being called in real way or literal, the bright waters of Iberá captivates any traveler with their beauty, tranquility y genuine richness.

Be encouraged to discover its secrets and enjoy it…

Luftbild von der Zufahrt nach Carlos
. Am Ende der Landstrasse
liegt die malerische Station der

EXCURSIONS IN THE ESTUARIES OF THE IBERA: Direct contact with the pure state of nature.

BOAT RIDES: Travel the lake Iberá and its channels. Incredible floating islands full of life and colour.

NOCTURNE SAFARIES: With flashlight in hand, we get in the SUV looking for shapes and sounds of nature.